Edmond Fallot Honey Balsamic Mustard

Edmond Fallot Honey Balsamic Mustard


The piquancy of the mustard does not overpower the delicate sweet flavors of the balsamic and honey, but are balanced so that the peppery and honeyed flavors complement one another beautifully. Create a creamy vinaigrette, add to sauces, or use to marinate chicken.


Use this honey balsamic mustard as a marinde or dressing for a chicken or poultry dish.

Fallot Mustard Mill has been an independent, family-owned Burgundy company since 1840. While it has outstanding production facilities, it has also maintained the expertise of the artisan mustard maker: mustard seeds are stone ground, which preserves all of the texture and flavor.

Size: 7oz
Country: France

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