Great people will make Caravaca Market great, a hall where delicious aromas wonder and smiles abound because there is always happiness in the air. 

Operating principles

At Caravaca Market, we believe that great people can help to give greatness to others.  

Our goals are to provide the absolute best service to our customers through loving what we do every day, growing our people in amazing ways and by partnering with top notch suppliers and distributors that share our business standards and values.

 We believe that our business is a social institution and that strong growth and performance will allow us to be so for many years to come.

Important information

Our ability to be successful depends on the integrity, dedication, skills, flexibility, teamwork and diversity of our employees. We desire a workplace atmosphere that attracts highly talented individuals in a climate of respect, trust and productivity. We want to set the standards in our industry by creating a trascendental workplace.

Team work is key to that strong growth and performance; all you do, any job you perform is important.  Even more important  is how you manage to get the job done and how you support each other.  We want to build on the great team spirit that makes great companies abundant and to do so, we support you with training, flexible shifts, free meal privileges and more. Growth with your support, means that we can give more back to you and to the community. We are proud of the people that work with us and want you to feel that same sense of pride. Your dedication will help us build a legacy for you, our communities and future generations.

As Martin Luther King said “Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.”  So, if you also share our goal and our passion for delivering the best customer service in the city and being the best version of you, then we would really love to receive your application. 

Learn about our opportunities!

In preparation for our opening, we are now accepting applications from the best professionals and most dedicated people. Please read about the various opportunities and the application process. We are looking forward to hearing from you!