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Beer & Pizza

Tue-Thu: 11am-9pm | Fri: 11am-11pm | Sat: 11am-11pm| Sun: 12:30am-6pm

At the Beer & Pizza Bar we focus on simple food and drinks. We offer a selection of locally brewed craft beers, a few national and international options and a delicious selection of various pizza styles by the slice including a gluten-free Mexican-style option. Our food is inspired by friends and love for travel and is suitable for lunch or dinner.

In many parts of the world, friends gather at many cafes and bars to share beer. We like to celebrate that tradition. Beer & Pizza Bar is all about sharing beer, simple street food and a friendly atmosphere that is perfect for friends.  Sharing is key!


  • Rotating selection of local craft beers on draft and a selection of imported beers from around the world
  • Always rotating different pizza styles to offer a taste of the world including Spanish cocas, stuffed pizza, NY style and fugazza
  • Perfect for lunch, dinner or afternoon hangout
  • Monthly beer tasting club
  • Free Wifi Service