"Eat for your body, cook for your soul"

-Harry Pagancoss



What is Caravaca Market?

Named after a holy city in southern Spain, CARAVACA MARKET is Atlanta’s premier Pan-Latin culinary temple for good living, eating and enjoying life. It is located in the middle of the bustling Midtown neighborhood, offering locals, and visitors alike, an urban experience like no other.

A spacious, thoughtfully designed environment in a convenient, walkable location, it invites frequent gatherings, tastings, and exploration filled with culinary inspiration.

  Our idea is to take what is familiar and what I love about all Romance-speaking countries, which share a common passion for food and life. We try to capture that essence and sometimes redefine it with the celebration of seasonal ingredients and various regional traditions from some of the richest culinary regions in the world.

We do that with no pretensions, simply with the belief that food unites people when it comes from the heart. Small bites-style eating captures the soul of what good moments with friends and family are about. We want to build on that without compromising our desire to offer a truly wonderful fulfilling experience.  

We also want to celebrate the awesome state of mind one can feel while sitting at a bar with friends, sipping on a glass of great wine, or beer, while letting our amazing team serve welcome you into the beautiful space .

That is our essence. That is our mission. Our success and joy are part of all of us; something to celebrate every day. Let us begin creating memories together through small and big moments. Become our friend, we have a table just for you. We welcome you dearly!

We hope you enjoy the music from SoundCloud we have shared with you. It is sexy and relaxing!

Harry Pagancoss & the Caravaca Market Family